August Season’s Feastings – Corn on the Cob

Just in time for the last of the year’s barbecues, corn on the cob comes into season around the middle of August. With its happy sunshine colouring and crisp sweet taste, sweetcorn is the perfect ingredient to help you hold onto that summer feeling through to October.

Canned and frozen varieties are available year-round, so it’s easy to forget that corn season is so short. Don’t miss out; frozen is an ok substitute for the most of the year, but the fresh stuff is a world away.

Sweetcorn is an excellent accompaniment to all kinds of dishes but really shines on its own, dripping with butter and nibbled straight from the cob. Just make sure it is fresh.

Selection and cooking tips

Corn on the cob will keep for longer if it still has its husk intact and attached. Kernels should be shiny, plump and tightly packed, with a lovely golden yellow colour. Husks should be pale green, unblemished and wrapped tightly around the cob.

If you are barbecuing then you can pop cobs with husk intact straight onto the barbecue (if the husk is removed, simply wrap in foil first). You can also roast or boil your corn cobs. If boiling, cook for 3-6 minutes, and don’t add salt to the water, as it can make the kernels turn tough.

For a seasonal feast

Corn on the cob is perfect simply thrown on the barbecue and then served with butter.