Back 2 Front Students Graduate

Charlton House is currently celebrating the “graduation” of its Back 2 Front students: James Morgan of Boehringer, Keven Luty from BMW Hook, and Thames Water Clearwater Court’s Martin Avery.

Many of our talented chefs move into Catering Manager or Chef Manager positions and Back 2 Front is our dedicated course designed to facilitate this move. From menu planning to IT skills, managing a budget to managing people, nine modules cover everything the new kitchen manager needs to know, while a dedicated mentor offers support and guidance throughout the programme.

Tutorial and project work options include the following: training on-site and visiting other units, a variety of training sessions and workshops, personal project work, cooking demonstrations and personal interviews.

The programme offers an opportunity for each delegate to network with all departments across the business and within the CH&Co family, building relationships and enhancing their understanding.

Manuel, James, Keven and Martin all worked tirelessly to get their work complete within the 18 month period, and were rewarded with a celebration at the Law Society’s 113 Restaurant and Bar, kindly hosted by Adam Tallis, plus of course all the skills and knowledge they picked up during the course.


“Having the opportunity to go on all the courses has helped me run Thames Water Clearwater Court in my managers absence.”


“It was great getting to go to other units to see how they ran and bring back ideas to implement into my own unit.”


“The course was good as it helped me run the unit when my manager was off, and now I use my work as reference when I need to do something I am doing for the first time.”

Training Manager Jo Druce:

“It was a privilege to help and guide the B2F team through to the end. We had some tough moments but coming out the other side with them all achieving great results was fantastic. Moving forward I’m sure they will all do well in their own right as chef managers or managers running their own units. Well done to them all.”