• The service that Charlton House offers is always Distinctly Different!

  • Put the right ingredients into talented hands and magic happens

  • A healthy balance to food and finances

  • Passion and pride you can taste

  • “My only regret is that we did not choose Charlton House the first time”


It all began in 1991, when our Founder, Robyn Jones OBE, had a vision that would revolutionise the world of contract catering. Armed only with her passion and creativity, a little bit of office space at home (and the razor-sharp business brain of her husband, Tim!) she embarked on a mission to save the working nation from lacklustre dining.

Fast-forward 25 years, and Charlton House is one of the UK’s leading names in workplace dining, with more than 3000 employees and has won many awards for its initiatives and innovation over the years. We have earned a reputation for excellence in food, value and service and are known for our commitment to responsible business; we take good care of our customers, our people and the environment that we operate in.

Sadly, Robyn Jones passed away after a long battle with illness in 2015 but her legacy lives on in the team she employed and developed over the years. Charlton House’s very first operations manager, Caroline Fry, is now Deputy CEO of our parent company, CH&Co Group, and Tim Jones is Chairman –both still take an active interest in the activity of Charlton House – the founding part of CH&Co. Paul Honey, who joined the team back in 2000, now leads our company forward and continues our focus on serving delicious, healthy food with a smile.

Our service is all based around the customer experience. We cover all aspects of contract catering, from nutritious breakfasts to sustaining lunches, cosy coffee breaks to high-end hospitality. We tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients, designing food concepts and brand identities that appeal to each customer-group we serve. Our proven track record of getting this just right shows we have the insight needed to determine the best way of supporting your objectives and delighting your employees!

This unique concept underpins our approach to food across the entire spectrum of our service. It reflects our commitment to providing delicious, healthy options at every meal and always cooking our food using the healthiest methods. We work closely with renowned nutritionist, Amanda Ursell to ensure the credibility of our nutritional principles and the accuracy of our dedicated website. The site provides hints, tips, recipes and food-facts for our employees and customers, in support of a healthier lifestyle.

Not all contract caterers are made to the same recipe! We have a few special features that really stand out, collectively defining who we are and why we are DISTINCTLY DIFFERENT…


A creative chef is never a bored chef, so we empower ours to use their imaginations, take charge of their kitchens and keep their culinary muscles well-exercised. The result is inspired, creative food and motivated people that continually bring something new to the table! What’s more, no-one understands a customer demographic like the team that serves them each and every day. This means that our menus are unique and innovative, and perfectly in-tune with the specific tastes, needs and nuances on site.

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