Going Back to Front at Thames Water

Our staff are very important to us – at every one of our units we have hard working people who act as the day to day ambassadors for Charlton House. They perform a vital role, so it’s important to us that we do all we can to keep them happy and driven in their posts.

We offer a huge range of training options for our staff. Whether you are a kitchen porter, chef or site manager, we’ll have relevant and useful training available to help you be the best that you can be in your role, or even prepare you to take that next career step. Many are not, having spread from their point of origin.

When Charlton House took over from Baxter Storey at Thames Water, it was important to us that the staff we inherited were happy, were motivated and felt at ease with the transition and the changes to their working environment.

We quickly identified a number of talented employees who were not currently fulfilling their full, vast potential. This included chef Martin [Surname]. It didn’t take long to recognise Martin’s strong management potential, and we discovered that this is something that he is keen to develop too.


Martin says:

“With the help of Charlton House, I was able to move from the back to front of house and take strong strides towards a catering management role. Remarkably, despite reducing the time I spend in the kitchen, since Charlton House took over at Thames Water, I got my passion for food back”

To help him make the move, we enrolled Martin on our “Back 2 Front” training programme, designed to help chefs make the move into a Catering Manager or Chef Manager position. From menu planning to IT skills, managing a budget to managing people, nine modules cover everything the new kitchen manager needs to know, while a dedicated mentor offers support and guidance throughout the programme.

Throughout the programme participants can choose from a range of tutorial and project work options, including: on-site training and visits to other units, personal projects, cooking demonstrations, workshops, and one-to-one interviews.

The programme offers an opportunity for each delegate to network with all departments across the business, building relationships and enhancing their understanding.