September Season’s Feastings – Autumn Lamb

As we settle into the later weeks of September, thoughts begin to turn to winter clothes, crisp mornings and cosy evenings huddled with a hot drink. We might even begin to relish the idea of putting roast dinners back on the menu.

The Real “Spring Lamb”

Lamb tends to be associated with the springtime but the autumn’s lambs are actually often more tender and tasty than those killed in the spring. No surprise when you consider that these are the lambs that were born in spring and they’ve had lush grass to nibble on all summer long.

This flavoursome meat is the perfect choice for a Sunday dinner in the autumn and pairs beautifully with all manner of seasonal produce, be it the fruits of the orchard or vegetables from the ground.

Selection and Cooking Tips

Meat should be firm and pinkish with a rich texture. Darker meat is a sign of age, so always avoid lamb that is starting to look slightly brown.

There’s something to be said for pretty much every cut of lamb. The cheaper cuts tend to have more fat but also more flavour and are well able to stand up to the assertive flavours we associate with autumn and winter cooking.

Leg and loin are perfect for roasting, middle loin and loin chops grill well, and opt for braising if you have shoulder, neck chops or shank. Almost any cut can be minced to make lamb burgers.


For a seasonal feast
Enjoy the return of the Sunday roast with your pick of the best of the season’s harvest: leeks, apples, marrow, carrots, beetroot, pumpkin. Alternatively, serving your lamb braised in a rich red wine, on a bed of root veg, makes for a beautifully moist autumnal dish.

1st September 2015
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