Helping Customers Stay Perky at Thames Water

We are very careful when it comes to choosing suppliers. We don’t just want to offer our customers the freshest and best ingredients, we also care about the provenance and ethics of all of our produce. Plenty of thought and consideration goes into every item we offer and every ingredient we use, a fact that our clients and customers really appreciate.

However, every unit is different and what works brilliantly at one site sometimes just isn’t right for another.

When Charlton House took over the catering at Thames Water’s Clearwater Court site, customers just didn’t take to the coffee we were offering. General Manager Ruth Lloyd raised the issue, and was delighted to receive a decisive and speedy response.

Coffee is serious business and even the most casual of consumers can be highly discerning about their cup. We understand this, and the fact that many of our diners rely on their morning coffee to set them up for the day, so it’s important to this that we get the right barista services and offer in each of our units.

Rather than just swap coffee brands and risk running into the same problem again, we worked with Ruth to ensure that this time her customers would get the right coffee for them. To find this winning brand, we put on tastings in the restaurant and offered customers free samples from other suppliers. This was a great way to put the power back into our customers’ hands and also to stimulate involvement, helping us to make the best possible choice.

General Manager Ruth Lloyd says:

“Some of our customers loved the coffee that Charlton House brought in, but overall it just wasn’t working for us. I raised the issue and was delighted with how speedily Charlton House took action, and how seriously this small matter was taken. Running tasting sessions was a brilliant way to decide which coffee would work at my site, and, of course, my customers loved picking up some free samples. Our customers are far happier with the new supplier and now there’s almost no coffee niggles.”

The outcome was a switch to Peros coffee at this site. A carbon neutral business with an admirable stance towards CSR that sits well with our own brand values, and which includes a strong emphasis on Fairtrade, local sourcing and environmentally friendly packaging, Peros is another great coffee company that we are happy to support.

Customers at Thames Water are now far happier with their morning pick-me-up, and Ruth and her client were pleased to see our commitment to their staff and the speed and efficiency with which we deal with issues at unit-level.