March Season’s Feastings – Bell Peppers

When spring is just about on the way, many of us are tiring of the hearty dishes of winter and looking for something a little lighter and perky.

It’s almost the beginning of British summertime, and with it come charming bell peppers in their cheerful primary colours. These sweet, mild peppers, related to chillies, have a unique flavour and very satisfying crunch. Look out for more unusual varieties such as pale yellow or purple!

Peppers are an incredibly versatile ingredient, found in almost every cuisine across the globe and just as good raw or cooked. They can perk up a salad or add a delicious flavour note to warming soups – perfect for the unpredictable British spring! Peppers are a good source of vitamin C and the red variety offers lycopene and a high level of carotene, as well as a higher overall vitamin and mineral content.

Selection Tip

Give your peppers a (gentle) squeeze! You want one that’s glossy and firm with a nice even colour – soft patches are a no-no. The varying colours indicate the pepper’s sweetness: green is the least sweet and has a slight bitterness, while red tends to be sweetest, with yellow and orange in between.

For a Seasonal Feast

Salmon is just coming into season now too. Delicately pan seared or grilled salmon is a wonderful partner for sautéed peppers and this simple dish will brighten up your spring table.