Looking After Customers, Staff and the Environment at CSC

Charlton House was awarded the CSC contract in November 2012 following a competitive tender process against Baxter Storey, Aramark and Elior. We were delighted to be awarded two sites in Chesterfield and in Solihull.

One of the many changes we brought into both sites was the introduction of our WellbeingbeingWell concept. Charlton House is firmly focused on healthy eating and encourages customers to make sensible choices. We have already found that our CSC customers enjoy trying new ingredients and can be assured that what they are eating is healthy as well as delicious.

In our approach, we have opted for healthier cooking methods including grilling, baking and poaching. We always use delicious, fresh produce, rather than products bought in frozen – this includes fresh fish, homemade pizza, burgers and bakery products. Yet another of our changes has been in ensuring that Red Tractor products are clearly labelled on menus.

We have also adapted the service to make it more environmentally friendly. Some of our changes have included reducing the use of disposables by using re-useable glassware and encouraging the use of china and metal cutlery. We have also arranged an Environmental Awareness at Chesterfield day to promote reduction of disposables as well as to communicate what we do as a company in this area. A few additional changes were made in the Solihull site which included the introduction of ‘Keep Cups’ to limit the use of disposables and support our aim of achieving ‘nil-to-landfill’.

The staff at both sites have been overwhelmed by the amount of support they are now getting and are extremely happy working for us. As an “Investors in People, Gold” accredited organisation, we see our staff as our greatest asset who deserve investment. The teams have benefited from a brand new uniform and will be completing a range of fantastic training courses specially designed by our own Learning and Development team.

Since taking over the two sites, the client has been delighted by the smooth transition and frequently compliments us on the changes we have made. Sales have increased by 30% and customer footfall by 12%. We pride ourselves on being proactive and keeping up with the latest trends. We still have numerous tricks up our sleeves and look forward to keeping the service at CSC exciting, evolving and ahead of the curve.