Supporting the 2017 Public Health Responsibility Deal

Charlton House has announced the enrolment of 50 additional chefs onto our Chef Nutrition Training Course, which includes salt reduction techniques. This brings the total number of chefs trained this year to 220.

The course encourages chefs to consider the consequences on individuals of them using too much salt. They are given rigorous salt tasting exercises and shown how alternative ingredients and spices, such as lemon juice, can be used to enhance the perception of saltiness.

This announcement coincides with the announcement of CH&Co’s commitment to the Government’s 2017 Public Health Out of Home Salt Reduction pledge.

In support of companies like Charlton House, Public Health Minister Jane Ellison said: “The World Health Organisation has recognised the UK as among the world’s leaders in reducing salt in the diet, but we want to go further to help prevent people dying early. The support of the industry, as demonstrated in the commitments made today, is a vital part of this.”

Charlton House has already removed 986kg of salt from workplace meals since signing up to the pledge in 2011.

We have achieved this by decreasing salt use at three vital points –preparation; products purchased; and availability at the diner’s plate. Of course we’re always launching initiatives such as low salt versions of our existing products too.

Our ‘Under 500 Calories’ chef competition helped us add some great new meals in our restaurants, which are low in salt as well as calories. These recipes and more are now being offered to all Charlton House chefs as they prepare their meals daily, using fresh ingredients.

Kawther Hashem, Nutritionist of CASH said: “It’s great to see such a large and influential company continuing to find ways to reduce salt in people’s diets.  It shows that both chefs and consumers alike can easily eat less salt without noticing a difference to the taste of their meals.  For every one gram reduction in the nation’s salt intake we can prevent 6,000 people dying prematurely from strokes, heart attacks and heart failure.”  

“As 1 in 6 meals is now eaten out of the home, caterers play an important role in the health and wellbeing of consumers. We are constantly striving for innovative ways to reduce salt in traditionally high sodium foods, but our engagement programmes are a vital addition, contributing to a healthier diet for individuals and for the overall workforce.”
Caroline Fry, CH&Co Chief Executive (B&I)

“One of the quickest and easiest ways to lower your blood pressure is to reduce your salt intake, and Charlton House is committed to doing just that in its healthy eating concepts and menus. By educating consumers to reduce salt used at the table and providing lower salt alternatives, Charlton House is empowering individuals to make informed, healthy choices. The evidence of decreased salt usage is clearly an indicator that this approach is working.”
Amanda Ursell

29th September 2014
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